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Kids&Us has over 600 schools, so it’s highly likely there’s one near you. Choose your area so your child can start their journey today.

You can find us in Spain, Andorra, Italy, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, Mexico, Myanmar, Vietnam and Japan.

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English courses for babies ages 1 to 2

From the moment they are born, Babies are ready to learn a language. At Kids&Us we make the most of this opportunity to motivate their learning through the senses.


English courses for children ages 3 to 8

In the Kids stage, playing games and interacting with the rest of the group are the key accelerators of learning. We adapt the materials to suit the interests and motivations of our students through song, reading, and dynamic activities.


English courses for children ages 9 to 12

At Kids&Us we encourage the children to talk about the world around them and about the person they are becoming; that way, English accompanies them on their personal growth.


English courses for teens ages 13 to 18

Our teens are now able to communicate in English using a variety of structures which improves their fluency and spontaneity. At Kids&Us, we encourage critical thinking, and we prepare our teens to face the future with confidence.

The method to learn English

Kids&Us’ method to learn English is based on the natural process followed when learning the mother tongue, it’s an educational journey which follows a logical, natural, and spontaneous order.


Could a child learn their mother tongue without having ever heard it before?


How does a child start to understand their mother tongue?


When does a child start to talk?


In our mother tongue, would we even contemplate our child reading before they can speak?


Writing is expressing your thoughts on paper.

English Activities

Activities in English for Children

At Kids&Us we want English to extend beyond the classroom. That’s why we have created a universe of activities to consolidate the English learning experience.

Lớp Tiếng Anh cho thiếu niên 13-18 tuổi Kids&us - 2
Lớp Tiếng Anh cho thiếu niên 13-18 tuổi Kids&us - 1

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