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The Demo Day month is here!

Live the Kids&Us experience throughout October

Discover our unique English learning method

Sign up to our demo sessions to gain first-hand experience of our innovative method and find out why Kids&Us is revolutionising the world of English teaching.

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The day is coming and there are limited places

Activities adapted for all ages

Anh ngữ cho bé - trình độ babie từ 1-2 tuổi

Babies Experience

Ages 1 to 2

A demo of our Babies stage classes to gain firsthand experience of the method. At Kids&Us the babies grow up with English.

Kids Experience

Ages 3 to 8

A demo of our Kids stage classes so you can see the benefits of the method for yourselves. At Kids&Us the children learn English the same way they learn their mother tongue.

Anh ngữ cho bé - trình độ kids từ 3-8 tuổi

3 reasons to attend the Demo Day

Understand how English is learned at Kids&Us

Meet our qualified teachers

Visit the school and experience the method in person

Share this experience!

Share it with other families so they can also enjoy this opportunity.