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For Kids&Us, the parents' role is key to the children's learning process.

Step One


It is evident that the language acquisition process begins long before the child starts speaking. For this reason, at Kids&Us we believe children should start learning English from the age of one through daily exposure to the new language..

Step Two


After hearing the same combinations of words at different times and in different contexts, the child eventually understands the meaning of everything they hear. Parents communicate with their children by speaking in a natural way, using a wide variety of words, expressions and phrases in different tenses. The Kids&Us method reproduces this situation with its students and exposes them to language as it is, through contexts that are easily recognisable to them.

Step Three


Talking is the natural consequence of listening and understanding.  At this point in their journey, we create situations in the classroom where the students have the opportunity to verbalise and put into context everything they have learnt up to that point.

Step Four


Reading is a natural consequence of listening, understanding, and speaking. Starting to learn a language by reading and writing it first is unnatural; it is like trying to make a bird fly before it knows how to spread its wings. At Kids&Us our students start reading in English from the age of 8, that is to say, once they have consolidated their oral language skills and can already read in their mother tongue.

Step Five


Writing is expressing your thoughts on paper. To reach this stage of language development, it is essential to have passed the previous stages: listening, understanding, speaking and reading. When our students begin to write in English, they already have a solid enough foundation of the language to be aware of what they are communicating in written form. In other words, at Kids&Us we introduce this skill at a time when the students are most ready to tackle it successfully.

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